3 Things Brides Are Really Looking For

Today’s article is all about the biggest misconception around marketing you may have with your wedding business. This is that we all think brides are looking for our service, and that’s about it.

In fact, brides are looking for much more and if we can understand the real formula to sales and marketing, you will discover how to provide exactly what she’s looking for, when it comes to what you offer.

1. Brides are looking for relationships

Business Coaching for Wedding PlannersYes, I know she’s found the man of her dreams already. I’m not talking about that kind of relationship. What I do mean is that brides are looking for more than just a supplier.

They are looking for someone to take a genuine, real interest in their wedding, as well as someone they will have a pleasant and trusting relationship with along the way.

This is why it is so important to not jump right into price and whether you are available or not on the given date.

You must build trust first, just like in a real relationship. I bet she didn’t get engaged from the first date, right? And it will be the same with choosing her suppliers.

There is a process I call the bride’s buying strategy, and it contains all the steps a typical bride goes through before she makes a decision. It’s during the early stages of this strategy, you need to pull out all your smooth moves and start ticking all her boxes when it comes to forming the relationship foundations.

  • Can she trust you, and how will she know she can? Make sure you have plenty of real testimonials on your site from happy brides.
  • Will you leave her hanging? Are you responding quick enough to your initial enquires?
  • How committed are you? Did you take the time to find out what her needs are and explain how you can deliver?

2. You are providing a solution to her problem

Business Coaching for PhotographersThink of yourself as a problem solver when it comes to attracting brides.

One of the first things we do in our trainings at WEA is help you work out what you’re really offering and then craft your message to attract your ideal brides.

All brides have a problem when it comes to any particular category/service within the industry. Let me explain: if you’re a rock’n entertainer you’re solving the problem of having an empty dance floor.

If you’re a Wedding Planner, you’re solving the problem of becoming stressed, overwhelmed and disorganized in the lead up to the wedding.

If you’re a photographer, you’ll be solving the problem of never being able to re-live the excitement, romance and atmosphere of their one special day, just like it was yesterday.

Once you can see the problem, you can then be the solution. Start by asking brides what they are most worried about when it comes to their (insert service you offer) and you will be delivered exactly what they fear most. Your job is to then, melt that worry away by providing the most exact and perfect, irresistible solution to her problem.

3. She’s looking for convenience

Business Coaching for Wedding Makeup ArtistsBrides are busy, busy busy. They are often up late at night researching and planning their weddings and often want an instant response. One of the biggest tips in sales I can give you is a confused mind always says NO.

Brides can often come across as demanding, but remember how excited they are to be planning their wedding & that they’ve found you!

I suggest you have a questions and answers page on your website that answers the top 10 most common questions get in your business.

  • Are you making it easy for brides to get all the info they need from you?
  • Do you have an easy, professional process for them to book you?
  • Are you packaging your services in easy to read options?
  • Does she have to chase you with countless emails before she can make a decision?

Once of the best things I ever did for my business was to use an automated email follow up system, that fires off once a bride fills in a contact form. This way you can deliver a personalized message giving some instant info, before actually personally responding. The bonus with this is that it also builds trust, when you are providing a little extra helpful info while she waits.

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