5 Keys To Being A Successful Wedding-Preneur

Ok, so you want to run your own wedding your own wedding business right? Awesome! You are going to be able to not only do what you love, but also get PAID and build a legacy at the same time.

Whoohoo, sounds like a dream.

Become a Successful Wedding-PreneurBut, do you consider yourself to be a wedding-preneur? Many people in the wedding industry don’t actually consider themselves as “entrepreneurs” and in our case wedding-preneurs.

The truth is that anyone in this industry, responsible for generating their own financial income, and growth of their business is a “wedding-preneur”.

Now here’s where it can all fall down for you. In order for you to be a successful wedding-preneur, you must develop a entrepreneurial mindset and NOT an employee mindset.

Believe me, they are worlds apart.

Even if you are an employee now, and are transitioning into your wedding business, your must leave your employee mindset at the door the second you step into your wedding biz.

What’s the difference you say?

Build a Successful Wedding Business

  • An employee mindset will always keep you playing safe and small, where as an entrepreneurial mindset allows you to take risks and play as big as you dare to dream.
  • An employee mindset will have you stuck in fear and doubt, but an entrepreneurial mindset will see you taking leaps of faith, leading to action, fulfillment and results.
  • An employee mindset will keep you in denial, and entrepreneurial mindset will have you face the truth, even the hard truths and move you forward towards your ultimate goals.
  • An employee mindset allows you to never fully commit, therefore never achieve dreams.
  • A person with an entrepreneurial mindset never gives up, and is willing to do what it takes. They commit to results.

So, to help you become a more powerful wedding-preneur and begin to finally see yourself as the powerhouse that you are, I would love to share my 5 keys to becoming a successful weddding-preneur.

1. 100% responsibility and ownership for your results

Ok so this one is tough, especially if things aren’t going as you would like them to be. It can be so easy to slip into blame and victim mode. This is where you complain, blame and justify all the reasons under the sun WHY you’re in the situation that you’re in.

When really what you should place your attention on is the solution, not the problem. Then you can also look at what part YOU played in the outcome.

Remember there is no failure, only feedback and everything is a lesson. The day you can start taking real responsibility for the results you see in your business (and your life) is the day you will move to a whole new level.

2. Stay outside your comfort zone

I know what you’re thinking … you want to be comfortable right? WRONG!!

The biggest mistake you can make as a business owner is to get comfortable. This is when businesses die. You need to be in a state of discomfit to be growing, and if you’re not growing, let me tell you… you’re dying.

So many people in business are not willing to do what it takes to succeed. From my own experience and my experience from working with some multi multi millionaires, coaches and gurus closely on my business the message is clear that you must be uncomfortable to succeed.

Conditions for growing your wedding business are not always ideal or convenient. Are you going to let that stop you? OR are you going to push outside your comfort zone and commit to doing what it takes.

I would love you to come up with ONE thing that would make you uncomfortable and do it!

  • It might be that you need to make some follow up calls to brides.
  • It might be that you need to book those important meeting with venues.
  • It might be that you need to raise your rates.
  • It might be that you need to finally need to learn more about growing your business.

Whatever it is for you, if you can get outside of being comfortable, you will experience more success.

3. Keep clear on your vision

A stellar wedding-preneur will never lose sight of the BIG vision.

Your BIG vision is what drives you to keep going. It’s the reason you get out of bed each day and continue to grow your wedding business. It’s the reason you will never give up. Are you clear on your vision? Do you know WHY you’re doing what you’re doing?

I don’t just mean on a superficial level either, I mean the real reason, from deep down inside. I promise there is a vision and reason there. Even if you don’t fully realise it yet.

A vision is different to a dream. Dreams are private, inconsistent, fleeting and have no real end in mind. A vision is clear, strong and definite. It is detailed, lasting and shared. It has a definite outcome.

Write out your vision and keep it near your desk. Read it frequently so you can reconnect to your bigger purpose and stay focused on building your dream business.

4. Invest in your education

How to Grow a Wedding BusinessHere’s the sad truth. Too many wedding business owners think that their learning days finished at the end of uni.

And truth be known, I bet you didn’t learn how to run your wedding business and become an entrepreneur at school.

Now I’m not bagging out school or uni at all, don’t get me wrong but what it takes to run a business, is a little different to what you may have learned so far.

I can tell you that I have done the most learning and spent the most money on my education in the last 4 years or so, and I mean tens of thousands. Investing in your own personal development and knowledge to grow your business will be the best investment you can ever make.

The key to investing in your education is not to look at the “cost” but rather the return on investment, and what it will do for YOU in terms of your personal growth. Each time you invest in your education, you are not investing in the training or the course. You are investing in yourself.

In terms of growing your wedding business you may need to learn more about your actual craft to become more masterful at what you do. Or you may need to learn all about marketing, sales, systems, building a team, branding, customer service and more!

Check out our programs page.

5. Surround yourself with success

Did you know that you are the average of the 5 people you hang around the most? Scary right? This has a lot to do with the law of attraction, as like attracts like. I know you love your friends and family, but sometimes if they are not on a high enough vibration, they can bring you down.

The trick is to surround yourself with like-minded people, and more so people are already where you want to be. Surrounding yourself with high achievers, go-getters and people on the same wave length or even higher than you, will attract more energy and opportunity into your life.

The best way to do this is to create masterminds, where you can catch up and connect regularly or even get yourself an accountability partner who is full on energy and success to feed off.

You can lean more about Wedding Entrepreneurs Academy.

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