5 Keys To Being A Successful Wedding-Preneur

Ok, so you want to run your own wedding your own wedding business right? Awesome! You are going to be able to not only do what you love, but also get PAID and build a legacy at the same time.

Whoohoo, sounds like a dream.

Become a Successful Wedding-PreneurBut, do you consider yourself to be a wedding-preneur? Many people in the wedding industry don’t actually consider themselves as “entrepreneurs” and in our case wedding-preneurs.

The truth is that anyone in this industry, responsible for generating their own financial income, and growth of their business is a “wedding-preneur”.

Now here’s where it can all fall down for you. In order for you to be a successful wedding-preneur, you must develop a entrepreneurial mindset and NOT an employee mindset.

Believe me, they are worlds apart.

Even if you are an employee now, and are transitioning into your wedding business, your must leave your employee mindset at the door the second you step into your wedding biz.

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