Why You Need A Website That Works While You Sleep

Listen up, if you have got website shame or no website at all then this is something you need to fix, STAT.

I don’t need to tell you that brides are using the internet to plan their weddings, you KNOW that already, right?

In a recent survey done by The Knot & Pinterest, it was found that 98% of brides were using the net and that more than 36% of them were using it for 5 – 10 hours a week.website that works Image

If you’re not representing your fabulous self on the net, your missing out BIG TIME.

You are letting thousands and thousands of dollars go down the drain or, over  to your competitors.

Today, I’ve put together the 5 Top Reason You Need A Website That Works

1. It Saves You Money On Advertising

Let’s face it, although you do need more than one form of advertising your business, a website will replace the cost of countless ads all over the place. You won’t be digging in your pocket for each new chance you get to promote your business. To maintain your website it will only cost you $20 – $50 a month to maintain once it’s built.

2. It works 24/7 and saves you time

A well set up website can be converting brides while you sleep ! ( or on holidays or spending time with your family ) Your website is so much more than a few pretty pages. A great website will lead brides through your buying process, while giving her truckloads of value and information, leading to a sale.

Using automation, this can all be done without you even lifting a finger – Awesome !

3. Your competitors have a website

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Does Your Environment Support You ?

I know you LOVE your wedding business, but how much do you love where you actually do the majority of your work?

It doesn’t matter if you have a studio, a home office, a spare bedroom set up OR you work at the dining room table.

What matters, is that you are set up for success.

I don’t know about you, but sitting down to work on my business surrounded in mess leads to procrastination.

I just can’t be effective or concentrate !

I find when I have a clean, organised, inviting office…. I have to be dragged out of there at the end of the day.  I’m pumped, ready to rock and get stuff done !!

Today I’m sharing my top 5 tips for creating an environment that supports you.

These days I am lucky to have a beautiful big home office complete with a chandelier, french doors, big benches and a view of my front garden.

I did, however  I did work from my dining room table or my kitchen bench before hand, so I know what that’s like too.

No matter where you work,  do the best you can to create a workable environment.

1. Clean that mess up !

Start by creating a clean work area by organising all of your paperwork.

File your quotes, invoices, receipts, booked brides etc in separate draws or folders so they’re easy to find when you need them.

I love the folders and magazine holders that KiKi K sell ( gorgeous colours and heavy duty )

2. Delightful Scents & Funky Tunes

Work time doesn’t have to be a chore. It’ your time to let your new ideas flow, cross off that “to do” list and of course generate leads and book brides.

In my office I choose to burn uplifting aromatherapy in my huge oil burner.  Scents of lemongrass and orange fill the space around me and keep me energised throughout the day.

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5 Keys To Being A Successful Wedding-Preneur

Ok, so you want to run your own wedding your own wedding business right? Awesome! You are going to be able to not only do what you love, but also get PAID and build a legacy at the same time.

Whoohoo, sounds like a dream.

Become a Successful Wedding-PreneurBut, do you consider yourself to be a wedding-preneur? Many people in the wedding industry don’t actually consider themselves as “entrepreneurs” and in our case wedding-preneurs.

The truth is that anyone in this industry, responsible for generating their own financial income, and growth of their business is a “wedding-preneur”.

Now here’s where it can all fall down for you. In order for you to be a successful wedding-preneur, you must develop a entrepreneurial mindset and NOT an employee mindset.

Believe me, they are worlds apart.

Even if you are an employee now, and are transitioning into your wedding business, your must leave your employee mindset at the door the second you step into your wedding biz.

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