How To Get Testimonials That Sound Too Good To Be True

Today I’m writing about the power of a killer testimonial, and how you use them to build your business.testimonials

A fabulous testimonial, and even better……. lots of them can transform your business and do most of the “selling” for you.

You see, they are a form of social proof that is extremely powerful.

Brides want to be reassured they are making the right choice when it comes to their special day.  Love Letters from your past happy brides is an ideal way to take away any second guessing because it’s done in such a “non salesy” way.

I see buckloads of wedding business websites these days and I’m often shocked to see how little people are using KILLER testimonials on their pages.

I’m hoping these tips will help you get some fresh new ideas to enhance your “Love Letters” and book more brides.

Here are my top tips on showcasing rave reviews :

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5 Steps To More Money

Ready To Kick Start Your Money Makeover?

So you want more of it right?

More money, more abundance, and more of what that brings.Woman having financial / money problems

But you may be struggling to attract money easily, and like most people you’re probably wondering why that is.

You’re working you’re butt off, doing “all” the right things, yet STILL there is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Well, it could be as simple as clearing your money blocks so that the river of wealth can flow right to you !

What’s a money block, you say?

Well hear me out…. If you know anything about me, you know that I’m a big believer and lover of the Law Of Attraction.

( the way the universe works )

Yes I am also 100% certain on using smart, tested and proven rules for business basics and marketing know how, to build a successful business.

And I also believe that the success that shows up in your life, including the money that shows up in your life….. is directly related to your thought patterns, beliefs and unconscious programming you have experienced, right from when you were a child.

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Have You been Hiding Your Wedding Business ?

Business and they way the world does marketing has changed, especially for small business. ( And that means you ) !

These changes are fabulous but they do require you to be more brave, and stop hiding.

You know what I mean, hiding behind your computer, hiding behind the logo of your business.

If this is you, then it’s time to get GUTSY and let more brides see you. It’s YOU they want to book, not your logo.

The success of your wedding business will rely on how well you can build a relationship with your prospective brides.

Not just try and “sell your services” to them.

It’s a well know marketing fact that people buy from others we Like, Know & Trust.

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3 Things Brides Are Really Looking For

Today’s article is all about the biggest misconception around marketing you may have with your wedding business. This is that we all think brides are looking for our service, and that’s about it.

In fact, brides are looking for much more and if we can understand the real formula to sales and marketing, you will discover how to provide exactly what she’s looking for, when it comes to what you offer.

1. Brides are looking for relationships

Business Coaching for Wedding PlannersYes, I know she’s found the man of her dreams already. I’m not talking about that kind of relationship. What I do mean is that brides are looking for more than just a supplier.

They are looking for someone to take a genuine, real interest in their wedding, as well as someone they will have a pleasant and trusting relationship with along the way.

This is why it is so important to not jump right into price and whether you are available or not on the given date.

You must build trust first, just like in a real relationship. I bet she didn’t get engaged from the first date, right? And it will be the same with choosing her suppliers.

There is a process I call the bride’s buying strategy, and it contains all the steps a typical bride goes through before she makes a decision. It’s during the early stages of this strategy, you need to pull out all your smooth moves and start ticking all her boxes when it comes to forming the relationship foundations.

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