Diamond Mastermind with Kim McGann

Are you ready to take your wedding business to new heights?

The Diamond Mastermind is reserved for wedding business owners ready to “Do What It Takes” to strengthen their brand, expert status and success within the wedding industry

Our members are ready to take their business to the next level with on going support, collaboration, and dedication. Every session is designed to give each member individual attention to help them gain clarity, discover solutions, achieve goals and move forward in creating a thriving 6 figure wedding business.

You will LOVE being a Mastermind member if:
  • You have ever felt alone in your wedding businessClinets and Me
  • You would LOVE to have someone to brainstorm with, download & share challenges with
  • You want people support you in reaching your goals on a regular basis
This is a small, close family of wedding superstars.

Because of our intimate setting, the Diamond Mastermind is extremely limited and reserved for only those who are willing to commit to doing the work and therefore reap the rewards. You will connect with your Diamond family once a month in person and have an opportunity to share your journey, success and challenges.

This is a powerful, supportive and engaging path to growing your wedding business to the next level.

As a Diamond member you will enjoy the support of :
  • A Complementary Discovery Session with Kim McGann to see if the Mastermind is a great fit for you.
  • 1 x Powerful goal setting strategy session to get clear on your game plan for successready for Mastermind at home
  • Fortnightly Skype sessions with Kim McGann and other Diamond members, complete with Q & A
  • Feature Spotlight Article on our “Booked Solid” industry newsletter show casing you, and your business
  • Wedding Entrepreneurs Academy Member button to display on your website
  • 3 in person connection days in Nelson Bay NSW, complete with lunch and training
  • 12 x 45 min private coaching calls laser focused on you and your business ( one private call per month )
  • 4 x 30 minute emergency calls with me to use during  the year
From joining you can expect:
  • Unwavering support, along with honest feedback from Kim McGann and fellow members
  • Lifetime friendships and strategic partnerships to help you grow your business
  • Clarity and solutions on challenges you may be facing with your business
  • Fresh ideas, new concepts and inspiration that can only come from a mastermind
  • Fast tracked to success as you will be held accountable to your goals, creating massive action and success.

Gratitude from our members:

Are you still unsure whether the Diamond Mastermind would be a good fit for you? Take a look at what some of our members have to say:

“I leave Transformed, Inspired, Supported And Have Complete Clarity”

“I decided to join the Diamond Mastermind Group because of my previous experience with WEA programs.

I’ve always felt supported and have been able to achieve my business goals. At first I was worried about taking the time out to attend, but I soon realised that being able to walk away from my business, and take the time to work ON my business doing the mastermind, has been a huge satisfaction.

I can see just how far I have come, knowing that in the past, this would not have even been possible. I have been in business now since 1999, and the wedding industry since 2006. So, most of my growth has been centered on my mindset. Believing and striving for everything I can imagine.

I leave our session’s transformed, inspired to make my goals happen and with clarity on how to do this. It’s fantastic to download with like-minded business owners and often I’ve been able to brainstorm solutions to any challenges I’m having, with the group and put the solution into action.

The days following our live sessions & check in calls I have the energy to work until the early hours of the morning or seem to wake in the middle of the night with fantastic ideas I can’t wait to work on!!!”

— Jade McIntosh

“I Have New Found Belief In Myself & My Business”

Sherringham Photography“I decided to invest in Diamond Mastermind so I could continue to see results in my wedding business.
After going through the Get More Brides Business School, I wanted to make sure I was being help accountable to keeping going on my path to growing my business.

I always knew my business had a lot of potential, but I can seem to get off track so the mastermind opportunity was perfect for me. I love our monthly meetings and being able to share my success as well as get help with areas I’m stuck on.

I can see my “big picture” vision and am excited about what’s ahead of me, and I now have set goals, and with your help… I also know HOW to achieve them! Downloading and chatting in our sessions is exactly what I needed.

It keeps me motivated and focused on my step by step tasks I need to complete to move to towards my BIG goals. I have experienced breakthroughs in the mastermind that now have me seeing I am capable of achieving anything I want. I have generated amazing new opportunities, overcome challenges and leave each session feeling so motivated and inspired.

Thank you so much!”

— Amanda Sherringham



What more can we say but THANK YOU!

Sara and I started with the Get More Brides course as we wanted to start our very new “hobby” off on the right foot.

Yes I think that is where our famous quote began “we would be so happy to just do 10 weddings a year” that you regularly remind us of. A Beautiful Occasion
So, we more than doubled that and our first thought of 10 weddings continues to increase, each year. We have seen such  significant growth and our confidence is blooming whilst still taking baby steps and learning to juggle family and business.
The Mastermind program showed us how important our mindset was every doubt we had in ourselves has been squashed!

We are positive, powerful and becoming smarter business women, thanks to the support of yourself and our other mastermind  amazing super wedding business women!

We are ticking off our goals and aiming high for each new goal we create and we are loving the new network of other wedding industry superstars we are meeting along the way.
We have defined our business and are exploring the techniques that you have taught us.

We are about to revisit the course again and apply more of what we learnt in the Get More Brides program and I think that is one of the great things about your course. We can do it again and again as we evolve.

Our business was so new when we started and we were able to apply what we could gradually and now that are confident with the direction our business is going we can put in more of what you taught us and turn it into the 6 figure business we plan it to be.

Thank you again Kim for sharing your knowledge and skill and putting the faith in us that we to can be wedding industry superstars. We love what we do and we love it even more now that it is a real business and not just a hobby!


Love Amy & Sara

A Beautiful Occasion

What is a mastermind?

“The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony. No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind [the mastermind].” — Napoleon Hill


Diamond Mastermind with Kim McGann