Do You Wish Your Brand Had The WOW Factor?


Is your brand looking less than fabulous, beautiful, and completely dazzling potential brides?

Are you feeling a bit of “brand shame” because what your current material is not a true representation of your brilliance?

Well, it could be hurting your business, big time.

You KNOW that you’re amazing at what you do, but it can be so hard to communicate exactly what you do through your branding.

Especially when you try and do it all yourself.

Maybe you’ve got bits and pieces done, but you never get around to finishing it off and completing your entire, bride attracting brand.

OR maybe you get complete writers block when it comes to transforming what you do, into magical words that tell the tale of the services you offer?

AND what typically happens is that you try and draw inspiration  from other businesses you’ve seen in magazines.

The problem is, the ads are really nothing more than a pretty picture and their contact details. They don’t inspire brides to TAKE ACTION !

And if you’re not careful, you will have just wasted hours designing marketing material, to place in a magazine that has cost you thousands………. that doesn’t work.

Sound familiar?Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 9.44.27 am

Well, here’s the solution….

Imagine having a complete branding package designed for you that will have brides jumping out of their skin to work with you.

Imagine having a brand you are so proud of

We’re now offering complete Done For You Marketing Packages to help you get instant WOW.

After studying sales and marketing, we know there is a recipe for success that MUST go into each and every piece of marketing material you design, in order for it to work.

It doesn’t matter if you have been in business for years and need a makeover OR you’re brand new and want to come out blazing, we can help create your unique and powerful brand.


Here’s What You’ll Get In Our Complete Done For You Marketing Package:

  • Personal Skype consultation to understand your vision, ideal client and overall, look and feel for your business
  • Amazing New Logo positioning you a professional wedding business
  • 3 different email signatures, giving your emails the wow factor
  • Banner sign design to attract all the attention at bridal expos
  • DL Brochure to hand out at expos, networking events and more
  • Business Card
  • Guarantee Symbol /logo giving your brides peace of mind
  • 3 page sales PDF to help make closing the sale a breeze

We’ll handle not only the design elements of your new marketing material, but all the copy writing too !

Branding Packages Start At $3,500 email to enquire

Ready to get started ?

1. Email and request a branding package

2. Pay a 50% deposit

3. Personal skype call to get up close and personal with your band

4. All files including high resolution photos, logos, magazine covers, etc must be completely supplied before your design work will commence

5. Design period approx 3 weeks turn around

6. Be jumping for joy, and totally in LOVE with your new and complete, bride attracting marketing !!




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