How To Get Testimonials That Sound Too Good To Be True

Today I’m writing about the power of a killer testimonial, and how you use them to build your business.testimonials

A fabulous testimonial, and even better……. lots of them can transform your business and do most of the “selling” for you.

You see, they are a form of social proof that is extremely powerful.

Brides want to be reassured they are making the right choice when it comes to their special day.  Love Letters from your past happy brides is an ideal way to take away any second guessing because it’s done in such a “non salesy” way.

I see buckloads of wedding business websites these days and I’m often shocked to see how little people are using KILLER testimonials on their pages.

I’m hoping these tips will help you get some fresh new ideas to enhance your “Love Letters” and book more brides.

Here are my top tips on showcasing rave reviews :

1. Headline –  If you’ve done any work with me so far you’ll know that I’m mad about headlines. It’s a simple rule of marketing that many people just don’t know. Headlines engage the reader and attract attention. Find the best sentence the bride said in her kind words and make that the headline. See my example below

2. Photo – By not having an image of the bride or your product, you will lose credibility from the love letter. It makes it more real when a bride can see another bride and what she’s saying about you.

If you can’t always get a photo of the bride think about what you can use instead. If you are a florist, you can have a picture of the flowers. If you are a stationer, snap a pic of her invites for example. A photo will increase interest 10 fold :)

3. Bold Emotional Wording – Brides buy on emotion, logic kicks in later if she needs to justify her choice. A bride is buying the emotional connection she has with the outcome of what you offer.

For example a bride is not buying someone to apply makeup on her face, she’s buying looking and feeling more confident and beautiful on her most special day. Emotional.

Draw out any emotional and engaging words that stand out in the testimonial and BOLD them for more impact. Bolding text also helps the reader scan quicker and pick up what you’re saying without having to read precisely work for word.

4. Design – Design of your love letters is crucial if you want to make a great impression. I’ve always had my testimonials highlighted in their own box so they stand out on the white page. Incorporate the image and the headline too and your love letter will just about jump off the page !

5. Leverage – Now you’ve got an awesome love letter, show it off ! Make sure you post it on Facebook, instagram it and even make an email signiture from it also. Be sure to include them in your initial sales enquiry brochure  too :)

Another great tip here is to scatter your testimonials through the website, don’t just save them all for one page that the bride may never see :)

If you are new to business and you don’t have many testimonials under your belt just yet here’s your solution :

As new brides do sign up with you, you have the opportunity to get a testimonial off them before they even have their wedding with you.

You can ask them questions like :

1. Why did you decide to use XYZ for your wedding photography ?

2. What was most important to you when choosing a XYZ for your wedding?

3. Can you tell me how you found us, and what you loved about our website?

From their answers you can then put together a love letter with their permission of course. You may have not completed the wedding yet, but you can talk about why they said YES to you :)

I hope you found this helpful and if you would like to chat with me about improving your wedding business, you can always chat with me by filling in a discovery call form here 

Check out an example of a Killer testimonial Below –

Bo Dong Love Letter  Big

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 1.15.15 pm

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