Have You been Hiding Your Wedding Business ?

Business and they way the world does marketing has changed, especially for small business. ( And that means you ) !

These changes are fabulous but they do require you to be more brave, and stop hiding.

You know what I mean, hiding behind your computer, hiding behind the logo of your business.

If this is you, then it’s time to get GUTSY and let more brides see you. It’s YOU they want to book, not your logo.

The success of your wedding business will rely on how well you can build a relationship with your prospective brides.

Not just try and “sell your services” to them.

It’s a well know marketing fact that people buy from others we Like, Know & Trust.

If you’re hiding behind your logo, them you may be missing out on really connecting with new brides.

You know how friendly and fabulous you are so let them see you !

Now, a word of caution.

WhenI say let them see you, I don’t mean in a selfie that you took on a wild night out.

I don’t mean in a photo where you have cut out your other half but you can still see his arm wrapped around your waste.

I also don’t mean that photos where you think you look great, but it’s terrible light and theres an absolute train wreck in the background.

Nup, Nup & Nup.

What you need is to invest in  a professional photo shoot with a photographer.

Get your hair & makeup done

Put on that awesome outfit and let your personality shine though.

Having a professional photo shoot is one of the best investments you can make in your business AND you can milk it for years.

I’d say you’re good for at least 3 – 5 years before you’l need to update it.

Here’s what you’re new headshot will do for you :

  • Allow brides to “See” you and start to make a real connection with you
  • Be recognised as the face ( and genius ) behind your amazing business
  • Make networking a breeze with other wedding suppliers who may have seen or heard about your biz
  • Allow you to step up into a new level of your business, more professional & authentic
  • Give you the edge as a serious wedding business at the top of your game and proud of it.
  • Positon you as a leader in the industry.

You can use your new photo of yourself on business card, on ads and even on the banner of your website.

You can have so much fun with it !

Leave me a comment and let me know if it’s time you got a new photo !


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