My Lessons From Oprah

An Evening With Oprah In Sydney

Do you LOVE Oprah?  I do and have for a long time. Oprah is the person I am most inspired by, so when I discovered that she was coming to Sydney, I jumped at the chance to go.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 11.30.26 amIt was everything I imagined and more. Goosebumps material. The stadium of women ( and some men ) was silent, with everyone glued to her every word for 90 minutes.

She told her life story and attributes her success to always knowing who she was  and believing in herself.

Oprah reminded us that we ALL have the power to live our biggest and fullest life and are able to positively effect the lives of others.

Once you accept, understand and honour that you co – create our lives with the universe you will be able to access the life that is waiting for you. The life you were born to live. The life that you truly desire.

It’s all waiting for you, right now.

Once of my favourite take- aways from the night was to live with full intension. To make decisions with absolute clarity of your intension for yourself and the intension for others.

Also she reminded us that everything that either is happening now or has happened to you, has happened FOR you. Even in your darkest times, you are building your strength, and building your strength, and building your strength. This will all add up to give you your POWER.

Oprah also spoke about being responsible for your energy, and the energy you share with others. Be aware of your vibrations, because they are leading to what is showing up in your life. Raise your vibrations, be grateful for everything you have now and what you truly want, will be on it’s way.

We are all called to this earth for a reason, and its for you to do the “thing” that lights you up. The “thing” that you do so well, and with ease, the “thing” that makes you happy and to do it well.

I am a firm believer in the law of attraction and that our life is a reflection of our thoughts and actions. Every single decision we make, leads to an outcome in our lives.

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