Mindset Magic At It’s Best

Mindset Magic At It’s Best

Yesterday I received an email from a Get More Brides Graduate, and it brought me to tears.

It just about breaks my heart to see so many women struggle with their inner darkness, before stepping into their light.

So many limitations holding us back, from achieving what we know, we’re capable of.

Paralysed by fear.

Stuck, Frozen, Afraid of Failure.Kim Mcgann

Stopped by our limiting beliefs….. and worse, these aren’t even our own. ( and not even true )

And so, we’re held back, knowing what we hold inside.

That burning desire to be more, do more, and build that business we’ve always dreamed of.

The more I speak to women in the wedding industry, I see this is common among us all.

This makes me feel better, as I too know what it’s like to be afraid.

Too afraid to put myself “Out There”.

Here’s some of the crap I find rolling around in my own head every now and then

” I shouldn’t be running my own business, I’ve got 4 small children ! OMG what AM I thinking !!!! ”

” Holly shit, what have I got myself into, I’m taking on too much ”

” I can’t work during the day, I should be keeping my house spotless and focusing 100% on my family alone ”

” I was never that great at school, I don’t have the right to run a business ”

And for my clients, it has been just as bad.

Does any of that sound like anything you’ve told yourself, in the past ?

Well I say…… it’s a load of crap ! For me and for you !

When your mind takes over like this, you ONLY have two choices.

Believe it and watch your life attract even more of this kind of thinking OR reset, refocus AND move your attention towards the truth.

The truth is you are far more capable, more incredible, more intelligent, and far more fearless than you can ever imagine.

The more you work on your own mindset using the Law Of Attraction, the more you will bring about all that you want.

You’ll soon realise you’ve been wasting a hell of a lot of time, listening to the lies in your head.

When you are able to let go, of old stories, old “failures”, and old expectations you will experience a new empowerment.

This view will see you kicking goals and feeling brand new, just like my client.

When I say this email brought me to tears, I mean happy tears. This is exactly why I believe it’s a mixture, a combination both business tools AND mindset training, that will bring your success.

I’ve posted the email below ( with Bec’s permission ) so you too can be inspired.

Step it up, it’s your time.

For those of you who hear this, I’d love to invite you to have a FREE 30 minute strategy session with me to get clear on exactly what may be in your way and how you can be clear on what you really want.

Email me here to book your session.

NOTE – I only have a few limited spots available over the next couple of weeks, so post a comment on Facebook about your best “takeaway” from here and email me to book a time.

Dear Kim

When I first saw your Get More Brides Program I was so struck by how you were able to communicate all the things I actually wanted in such a real and positive way,

It wasn’t’ just another business a course. KeyString Entertainent

I’m sure there are plenty of wedding suppliers that will LOVE the GMB course from a materials point of view.

Your material is great and so easy to follow but the biggest thing you’ve helped me over come is my mindset.

My mindset was holding me back from creating my success.

I grew up in a typical working class family.
Although we always had our needs met, we were never rolling with cash and unfortunately I kind of picked up a poverty mindset along the way.

This mindset has plagued me throughout my career as a wedding singer and seen me time and again miss the sale, act from a mentality of lack and generally feel a sense of fear that I was destined to fail in business. 

GMB has given me the tools to improve my external business. My website is now one that I am really proud of, my branding is solid, and the way I market has become far more bold.

But the biggest thing that GMB has done is to help me overcome my expectations of failure.

Once I truly took on board your teaching on mindset and began to make real changes to my thought patterns I have seen the following happen in my business:

1) I placed as a finalist in three major bridal awards last year. This only happened because:

a) I chose to enter the award which I never would have done in the past for fear of failing)

b) I was able to follow up with brides from past weddings which I probably wouldn’t have done before, in case they didn’t vote me very highly
2) I have revamped my entire website myself, written ebooks, blogged and vlogged , all down to the change from ‘I can’t!’ to ‘I CAN!’
3) I have MC’d to great reviews for the Hunter Valley’s most prestigious wedding expo. 
4) I have recently secured a partnership with a major bridal magazine. This platform will provide me with enough resources to publish a full size ebook that I can actually sell!  AND will give me access to strategic partnerships with suppliers that advertise with the magazine. 

All this has been possible because I have begun to think about myself and my abilities in a vastly different way, because of you.

Your course GMB is no doubt a highly valuable business course.

It offers easily actioned strategies that make total sense, and is a worthwhile investment for any service provider. 

But for anyone like me, who struggles with mindset and believing in what they have to offer, this course is a MUST! 
I now fully believe in myself and my abilities 100 %

I believe that I have a lot of value to offer my brides and even if a change of mindset was the only thing I’ve taken away from this course,

I’d do it a hundred times over!

Thank you Kim, for believing in me, in my business and in my future!

I challenge ever business owner to value themselves enough to make this investment in your course.
It is a decision I will never regret !

All my love and, from someone that never thought they could change, but has (!)

I am looking forward to the next time I write a KeyString Entertainment update…because I know I’m going to SMASH it this year!

Love Bec


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