Why You Need A Website That Works While You Sleep

Listen up, if you have got website shame or no website at all then this is something you need to fix, STAT.

I don’t need to tell you that brides are using the internet to plan their weddings, you KNOW that already, right?

In a recent survey done by The Knot & Pinterest, it was found that 98% of brides were using the net and that more than 36% of them were using it for 5 – 10 hours a week.website that works Image

If you’re not representing your fabulous self on the net, your missing out BIG TIME.

You are letting thousands and thousands of dollars go down the drain or, over  to your competitors.

Today, I’ve put together the 5 Top Reason You Need A Website That Works

1. It Saves You Money On Advertising

Let’s face it, although you do need more than one form of advertising your business, a website will replace the cost of countless ads all over the place. You won’t be digging in your pocket for each new chance you get to promote your business. To maintain your website it will only cost you $20 – $50 a month to maintain once it’s built.

2. It works 24/7 and saves you time

A well set up website can be converting brides while you sleep ! ( or on holidays or spending time with your family ) Your website is so much more than a few pretty pages. A great website will lead brides through your buying process, while giving her truckloads of value and information, leading to a sale.

Using automation, this can all be done without you even lifting a finger – Awesome !

3. Your competitors have a website

Want to know the fastest way to be left for dead? Be the last one in your category, to get an amazing website.

Brides are busy. They want information now. The internet is how they get it. During the brides buying strategy, she’s looking at you but also 3 – 5 of your competitors.

This all happens behind the scenes without you even realising. ( This is when you really need to know how to have a website that sells)

If you have a compelling website, that’s set up to convert, you will be the one to book the bride.

4. Builds Your Like, Know & Trust Factor

Your website is your virtual shopfront.  It lets brides peek in your window to see if they like what’s inside.

Brides are looking for wedding suppliers that they feel a connection to, that they can trust with their most special day. Your website is responsible showing WHO you are, WHY you can be trusted and What’s on offer to help them plan their dream day.

Your website is where you can show off your amazing business as well as who you are. People buy from others they Like, Know, and Trust.

5. It shows you’re professional and a real business

There are many wedding pro’s out there who treat their business as a hobby, and if that’s you…..no problem at all. For those of you who are wanting to build a serious wedding business, a website is just non negotiable. You need one, and it needs to be amazing ! ( not just pretty, but designed to convert )

If you want to charge “professional’ rates, then get a professional website.

I see many wedding pro’s trying to DIY their website and then expect to book brides at the rates they desire. Most of the time, it’s not a match.

Your website in an investment.

It shows that you are a professional. A real business, and that can be trusted.

My advice is to make your website a priority if you’re looking to book more brides with ease.

Keep your eye out for my website training coming out soon. This training will teach you exactly how to plan out the content and the pages of your site.

It will show you how to tell your story and use engaging copywritting to attract your ideal brides page by page.

If you’d like some help with your website or be notified when this training is ready… email me here admin@getmorebrides.com.au


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