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“Your Training Is An Invaluable Step Towards Greater Business Success”

“We deal with thousands of wedding vendors across multiple industries, all trying to grow their business and enjoy success in the highly-competitive wedding industry.

Some of them have all the customers they can handle and are booked out a year in advance – and good on them!Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 9.27.24 am

But most wedding vendors wish they could expand their business and easily attract more brides.

We hate to admit it, but often times signing up for a wedding directory (even if it’s the best one – WeddingWise) isn’t enough to grow your business.

There is far more to be done, but most wedding vendors don’t understand the concepts behind WHY they’re not achieving what they want and HOW to get there.

That’s where your training comes in!

You have simplified the foundations of business success, with practical and easy to follow strategies.

For many of the wedding suppliers in our directory your information will be an invaluable step towards greater business success. We are proud to sponsor this very  informative course of specialised wedding business training as it will offer our members valuable insights and systems on how to improve their service, and get more brides.”

— Benek Lisefski | WeddingWise Co-Founder ( Leading New Zealind Wedding Directory )

“Anyone At Any Level Of Industry Experience Should Take This Course”

Dear Kim:
I have just completed my Get More Brides Training with you. I wanted to say thank you for tying all the pieces of the puzzle together.Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 10.26.57 pm

Your free videos were so helpful, so I signed up to the full training straight away so I could learn to work smarter, not harder.

I found the course to be so informative and an excellent guide for all of the important pieces of my business. I haven’t seen anything like this before and it was exactly what I needed.

Sitting down and doing some of the exercises seemed difficult at first however, it really was so helpful to hone in on my ideal bridal customer.

As you say “not every bride is your bride”!

I now feel like this rebranding period and changing the way I work, will be so helpful in establishing a better business for me.

I would recommend that anyone, at any level of industry experience, would benefit from this course.

I can’t wait to see where I am in 12, 24, and 36 months from now!

Thank you I can’t wait to get all my homework done.

Alison Sappington
Owner, Alison To The Altar – USA

“Such Rich & Thorough Content”

Dear Kim,

Thank you so much for creating a course that is content rich and thorough!

I was first attracted to your training from your free videos and how effective they were.black logo

I then signed up to the Get More Brides Program straight away because you are successful working mumma in the industry which I find so inspiring ! – PLUS your bubbly personality !

Your friendly nature, straight shooting and can do attitude are a testament to you and
your business!

I didn’t know what to expect from the course before it started , and  I am so happy now that I have completed it.

I have gained so much knowledge and focus to take my business to the next level thanks to you!

Erin Rollason – Celebrant Australia

You Have Been An Inspiration, Motivation & Role Model For Me

When I came across the ad for your program I knew immediately I had just been given an opportunity I had dreamt about.

I first discovered you and your business Blush Brides, Not long after I founded Bangs
and Blush.

And from that day forward you have been an inspiration, motivation and a role model for me personally.

I can’t wait to start your course !

Jamie – Bangs & Blush USA

“I Made It To The Top 100 In A Nation Wide Business Award While Still In The Course”

I have found that the Get More Brides online program helped me identify the gaps in my
business. I really needed to recognise these, in order to improve my image and long term sustainability of my company.

I feel that I now am treating my company as a business, not as a side hobby.Little Black Bow

I have become more open to taking any opportunities that come my way, front on, without the fear that I had before.

I have achieved so much during the course such as : received my up for ABIA accreditation, made endless positive changes to my website, become a member of the Wedding Collective NSW, stopped discounting, increased the number of brides who get back to me, had my work featured in WHITE magazine and on ECO Bride blog

I was also chosen as official photographer for Love On the Lawn Wedding Festival.

PLUS even entered the Ausmumpreneur Business Awards and made it into the top 100!!!! – WOW !

Although I know that I still have some work to do with my website and bride followup process, I can already see the positive impact and increased response that changing and adding a few things to it, has done for my business and also for my mindset.

The change of mindset and re-aligning my priorities to my passion has been the most powerful thing that I have gained from the course.

Thank you so much

Dearne Penman
Little Black Bow Photography Australia

She Is Able To Transform Ordinary Into Extraordinary
kendall summerhawkKim McGann is an extraordinary example of success for women in business. I meet women entrepreneurs from all over the world and have noticed a special sparkle in her.
She is a leader and an inspiration to others with her wealth of knowledge and ability to transform ordinary ideas into the extraordinary.

Kendall SummerHawk
Leading Expert in Women Entrepreneurs and Money

“The Law Of Attraction Was Obviously Working When I Found You”

Well, what a ride it’s been !

When we first spoke in July, I was not sure on the direction to take my company however the law of attraction was obviously working because it lead me to your website….and theScreen Shot 2015-09-17 at 5.17.15 pm rest is history !

With your amazing course, I have a clear focus, better understanding on how I want my
wedding business to run and where I see my business in the future – with the steps to get

There have been so many a-ha moments throughout the course however my favourites
were, remembering and putting in place the “Law of Attraction”. Also the bride avatar so I know exactly the type of bride I want to work with and I can niche my services.

The website module was awesome, and adding in the FAQ”s was like a “doh’ moment for me !

Such simple & practical advice that works.

I feel re-energised, positive and have a clear direction on how to move my business forward and make so many brides (and grooms) so so happy and beyond ecstatic that they choose me to be a part of their day.

Thank you Kim. Thank you!!!

Lisa McKeown x
Unveiled Weddings & Events Australia

“The Course Has Been Completely Invaluable”

Dear Kim,

Taking the GMB course has been completely invaluable for me!

I am so glad I trusted my  first instinct and signed up.Abbie_Hartland_Logo_RGB

I always have had a floating idea of what I’d like my business to look like, but never really asked myself those hard questions to really work it out. So now, I am basically overhauling my whole model

Doing the bridal avatar training was key for me. It honed in on exactly the type of bride I
would love to work with. It also helped me to realise that the right kind of bride for my service will pay my fee, will book me without a trial prior, and will have a minimum sized bridal party !  (no more bride only bookings for this artist!).

The mindset module was fabulous too, It gave me the tools to keep reminding myself of what
I already knew…..’focus on what you do want, not what you don’t want’.

Where it has impacted me the most is my website. Everything you say to do is so obvious, but yet I didn’t see it before, and I had almost none of the strategies in place!

I’m definitely going to keep up skilling myself and my business with more courses and
training with you AND I will highly recommend this course to others in the industry. I really appreciated being able to speak with you personally and contact you during the course.

The cheat sheets & workbook are a such very valuable tools as well. (I look forward to the day that I can reclaim my makeup studio, and stick them up everywhere to inspire me).

Thank you so much again Kim x

Kind regards,
Abbie Hartland, New Zealand

“I was Placed As A Finalist In 3 Business Awards “

When I first saw your GMB program, I was so struck by how you were able to communicate, all the things I actually wanted, in such a positive and exact way.

I know there are a lot of wedding business owners who refer about the course in a “business” and “materials” respect, but for me…. it’s been mindset. My old mindset as plagued me throughout my career as a wedding signer and seen me miss the sale time and time again. It’s had me operating from a place of lack, and generally feel a sense of fear that I was destined to fail in business.

GMB has given me the tools to overcome my expectation of failure. I have made such huge changes since taking the course, including as being placed as a finalist in 3 major bridal awards! AND soooo much more !

I would never have even entered a business award, prior to taking your course. What you have created is a highly valuable business course, but for anyone who struggles with mindset, and believing in what they have to offer, it’s a MUST !

Even if I didn’t learn anything else from you other than mindset…. I’d still take the course 100 times over. I hope that many many more wedding business owners value themselves enough to invest in this course with you.

It’s a decision that I will never regret !

All my love,
Bec, Keystring Entertainment, Australia

“The Course Has Been A Life Saver For Me”

Dear Kim,

Taking your Get More Brides Program has been an absolute life saver for me. It has forced me to re-evaluate my entire business model.Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 2.53.08 pm
Moving forward and implementing everything I have learned, I am 100% confident that the potential of my business, is endless.

I really can’t thank you enough !

I am so glad that I made this investment with you, and that I have attracted you into my
life and have you as my mentor.

Before finding you, I went to a lot of small business centres in my area looking for help and advice. They have nothing like what you’re teaching.

Your content is light years ahead of anything I have seen!

Thank you again so much !

Love Ashley Agresta – AE Designs USA

Winner Of The Ali Brown SHINE Award
Kim McGann was the winner of my Annual SHINE event for women entrepreneurs in Dallax, Texas ali brown
I presented Kim with a $5000,00 cheque in the presence of over 700 women entrepreneurs from all over the world, for her excellence in business.
Kim’s achievements in business were outstanding and her dedication to success, unwavering.Kim is an inspiration to women in business and a mentor with world class skills and knowledge for growing extraordinary businesses.  With her passion for empowering others, and her flare for branding, marketing and sales Kim is no doubt a leader in her field.
Ali Brown – The Entrepreneurial Guru For Women In Business

“Other Coaches Are Nothing Compared To You & Your Training”

“I am a brand new business owner and my passion is wedding & event planning.Hello Beautiful - Eve Logo

I am proudly certified with the weddings Institute of Canada, and my business is Hello Beautiful Wedding & Events.
I have watched other coaches videos claiming they can help with this and that, however they are NOTHING compared to you, and your videos!

I have not found anyone else’s training videos to be as detailed as yours. Even with real examples to model.
I signed up straight away to your Get More Brides Business School on line training course because I had already learned things I would never have thought of just from your FREE videos.

I absolutely LOVED module 1 ! It rang very true for me and I believe in the law of attraction. Module 2 I LOVED as well !

I have learned so so so much already, and everything you teach is so clear that I don’t even have any questions to ask.

The workbook are so beautiful and fun. They are definitely getting me thinking in way more detail about my brand and my business.

I am thrilled with my new logo and I have already learned so much just after the first two modules

What a great job you’re doing, I can’t wait to see the rest of the training.

— Eve | Hello Beautiful Wedding & Events | Toronto Canada


“We were attracted to your Get More Brides Program because your free videos really go in depth and really hit the mark of sales and marketing which is where we really need some help.Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 10.04.31 am

We have spent money on mentors in our business, but they have NEVER been specific to the wedding industry!

After spending 30 minutes with you on skype, it was a total no brainer for us to sign up.

It was so helpful to get a better understanding f you, your beliefs and we love you are so passionate about what you do.

Because of your down to earth approach, and your experience in the industry, we believe that you can get us on the right track. The modules you cover focus on our weak spots….sales, marketing and branding.

You are brilliant ! We are so happy we are on board with this course and LOVE the way you think !

This training is going to make a HUGE difference to our business and we’re only up to module 3 ! We are SO excited to re-design all our marketing based on what we’ve learned.

— Holly & Sharon | www.scrappingonthespot.com | Huntley, USA


“My belief in what you were taking about in your  video training is what has attracted me to your course

You understand the industry very well, and just from watching your free videos, you have already given me so much motivation and inspiration.Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 9.50.32 am

My biggest struggle is converting enquiries into sales and attracting new brides to my website and business.
I’d love to book more brides, and become confident in speaking to brides, especially at wedding fairs. I know I need to make them believe we are the right choice for them.

Because I have already implemented the things you spoke about in your videos, you’ve given me so much motivation and I believe that learning from you will make my business, become more successful.

I’d LOVE to double my income, keep improving my service so I can keep my great reputation going. I want my brand to be well known, so I become the company every bride wants to book.

I have seen plenty of marketing training programs offered but they have NEVER made me believe in what they do.

And others are not targeted to the wedding industry like you are.

I’ve just watched only my 3rd module and WOW it has really opened my eyes to all of the things I am not currently doing in my business.

— Gemma | www.glamourousweddings&events.com | Essex, United Kingdom


“Over the past several months I have put a lot of money into improving my violin duo business and have yet to reap the big rewards I was anticipating.

It has been so frustrating and depressing !Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 10.09.32 am

I know I am not a natural born marketer and promoter…

Then, I saw your FREE videos & your Get More Brides course and was immediately attracted to it, it felt like fate !

I have not seen anything like what you’re offering in the industry,
 so it was such a wonderful find.

I signed up straight away because I got soooo much out of your free videos and they made me want to learn EVERYTHING else.

I know that you can help me because you are well experienced and I love your delivery style. Plus you’re a busy mum too, like me so I’m even more inspired.

I want to develop systems so my business runs smoothly but I also want to become more confident in my role as an ‘entrepreneur”. 
I want my duo to be recoginised as one of the TOP music businesses in the industry.

I’m ready to put in the hard yards !

Bernadette x”

— Operatic Strings | Victoria | Australia

We’ve been working with Kim McGann for a number of years now, I originally met her in 2010 when
won the award for Best Service Business in the AusMumpreneur Awards.
Since then we’ve loved following her journey and watching her business continue to grow and reach more and more people. Kim is now a regular judge of the AusMumpreneur Awards each year and generously shares her expertise and insight with our community and finalists. Kim is an inspiration for other women in business and has helped so many of them to create successful and profitable businesses with her signature program. She is a beautiful person and we’d love to warmly recommend her to you!
Peace and Katy
Founders of Ausmumpreneur Network


“I was attracted to the Get More Brides Program because it’s so specific to brides and the wedding industry.

I have not seen anything like this before for the industry. That’s why I felt like I just HAD TO sign up.

Just from exchanging emails with you, your personality came through. Your sense of commitment and encouragement is actually like nothing I have ever seen before in any training ! ( and I truly mean that ).Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 10.11.21 am

I realised I was making a BIG mistake just from watching your  videos and came up with a whole new business !!  I am so excited!

I just watched this weeks lesson MARKETING 101 and it’s totally AMAZING !!

OMG I am so glad you stopped me from printing my marketing material until I watched this video lesson! It all made so much sense.

You have inspired me to go big or go home and just from your  FREE videos and I’m learning so much from the course now too.

Just after the first couple of sessions I registered for my very first bridal expo. I had two brides sign contracts straight away AND I have loads of qualified leads.

I am tickled pink with excitement.

I’m sure next weeks lesson will be even more amazing !

Zeni x”

— www.fortheloveofbrides.com USA

“I Did Not Want To Miss This Opportunity”

“I  joined your Get More Brides Program because you specifically deal with the wedding industry.
It is not “blanket” sales & marketing you are teaching.Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 2.46.04 pm

I have seen another company in the states, however their info gets a little lost. Their videos are long and time consuming with no real actionable tasks, like being in a boat with no map really.

I want to Thank You for helping me breath new life into my wedding business.

I feel like I know you, and that you understand where I am coming from & what I’m going through.

I haven’t seen anything like what you are offering with something I can do in my own time, with support.

I signed up because I didn’t have the time or the resources to make mistakes myself and work out my own systems from scratch.

I didn’t want to miss this opportunity, because I know you understand balancing a family and being busy too.

My ultimate goal is to have one wedding booked for the next season and to be more savvy with my marketing. I want everyone to know what I do, and wanting to work with me. I want to create more freedom.

I’m so excited about starting the program!”

— Annika, Nectar Florist,  New Zealand

I Felt Compelled To Hear What Else You Had To Say

“I’m really excited about this training. I’ve been looking for something to help re-ignite my wedding business, and provide insights and ideas I just havent thought about myself.Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 2.26.11 pm

After watching you  videos, and gaining new ideas from there, I knew it would be beneficial for me to sign up to the Get More brides Program.

I haven’t seen anything like what you are offering to the wedding industry.
I felt like your program was the best choice for me re-igniting my business. I looked at photography coaching, however I don’t need help with that aspect.

I was so impressed with your FREE videos, that I felt compelled to hear what else you had to say.

My ultimate goal is to double the amount of brides we photograph. More leads and more bookings.
I can’t wait to learn how I can shine as a leading wedding photographer !
Can’t wait for it to start.”

— Bec | Welsch Photography | Sydney |Australia

“It’s Time To Learn from The Best!

“I have invested in Wedding Business programs in the US and the UK in the past, and was so excited to find a program that is based in Australia.

Since launching my first wedding business in 2012, I had an understanding of targeted marketing and in my research of local business discovered your hair & makeup business, Blush Brides.Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 10.19.22 am

Being a fellow makeup artist, I was so impressed with the website design, marketing, and was inspired by you, and what you had created.

So, when I discovered this program, at an affordable cost with the online flexibility, at the right time of the relaunch of my business I said it’s meant to be, I must learn from Kim today!

My goal to complete the training, apply the training to my business, and start my road to business success.  In essence Get More Brides!

I have lead operations for large corporate organisations (companies that are household names), however starting a small business in an industry as unique as the wedding industry is a complete awakening for me.

I would like learn what you do and how you do it, perhaps some insight into paths to take and pitfalls to avoid.  I have wasted so much time trying to do it on my own, It’s time to learn from the best!”

— Simone Waters | Wyndam Weddings

I Was Impressed By Her Positive Attitude & Systemised Approach To Business
From the moment I first met Kim, I was impressed by her amazing positive attitude and her systemised approach to business. Many businesses I see at the pre franchising stage have few systems and scant documentation.Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 3.48.31 pm
Kim was certainly an exception to the rule having beautifully branded and presented manuals and online systems already in place.
Kim has invested in keeping herself informed and educated in the latest current business trends by business world leaders.
Her business knowledge and wisdom is impressive and I have been fortunate to have been able to learn much from Kim.
Her creativity and passion for business is infectious, and her vast knowledge ofbranding, systems, marketing, planning, and mindset is incredible value to any business owner wanting to grow their business.
I love working with women in business, and thinking of Kim it’s not surprising. She is in an inspiration to all women in business having juggled a family, home and multiple businesses extremely successfully. I highly recommend Kim as a trainer and mentor for those seeking similar success.
Carolyn Dufton
Director of Franchising Plus

“I KNEW I needed to take this program !!”

“Dear Kim,

When I saw your website, I KNEW I needed to take this program.

After planning my own 2 weddings, I realised I wanted to be part of the industry and saw a gap in the market for rustic weddings, with an online presence selling invitations, accessories, styling & wedding planning.

This is where I came to a standstill  !!Tallia Logo Nature of Love

I am lacking support and confidence in myself and also the knowledge and direction of a mentor.

I need a push as I’m too scared of failing but believe with the right guidance and support of somebody who has been in my position, there is no reason why I cannot succeed in creating a successful business with passion and drive.

Once I had a look through your website I thought ‘Wow  I need to do this!     (I had never seen a website like yours for the wedding industry before).

Even speaking with you on the phone I had already made my decision to do the Get More Brides program but talking to you set this in concrete.

You explained the program extremely well to me and highlighted how beneficial it was to start it before my business had been launched.

I’m very excited to get this business under way but am even more excited now knowing I will be better prepared with the support of yourself and others within the industry.

After reading your testimonials and seeing all the various business awards you have won, I strongly believe you are the mentor I have been looking for and can trust that you will give me the direction I need.

I’m really looking forward in learning from this program, meeting others and working with you Kim !

Thank you”

— Tallia Clark | Nature Of Love, Perth Australia

“You Over Delivered On My Expectations”

“Hi Kim, Ive just finished your Get More Brides Business School Program and I wanted to let you know that although it was a big decision and investment for me, I’m so glad that I did it !

I had no way of knowing if it would pay off, but I just asked myself…
‘what would my situation be like this time next year if I didn’t invest in some training to make my business work’ ?

Needless to say I didn’t like the answer to that, so I took the plunge and signed up.

Your course has soooo many lightbulb moments for me!
I think one of the simple but most effective has to be simply changing my email bumper! ( brilliant ) It seems so obvious now but making my emails branded and informative for all my brides is essential and I love it !

Living over seas in the UK I wasn’t sure how relevant all the content would be, but everything was transferable to the UK wedding market.

Your training is clear and concise and the step by step videos and printable handouts make it so easy for me to go back over what I’ve learned.

I’ve not seen anything else out there like this for the wedding industry before.

It all makes such sense. Your advice is practical and hands on.
I also love that the course is a mixture of mindset, inspiration and proven wedding business advice, in a non bullshit kinda way!

You are an inspiration, and over-delivered on my expectations

I can’t thank you enough for your help and guidance and can’t wait to see my business grow even more.

— Kelly | White Crafts UK

“I’m so Excited to be joining the 2014 Get More Brides Program”

angeliq-brides“We were attracted to the program after witnessing some of the businesses that have already taken part, really thrive.

We were looking for someone that could teach us tried and tested business building structures, and goal setting that would lead to our success. I believe that this program will do exactly that.

I have known Kim over the past 4 years and have watched her own humble wedding business business grow into an inspiring company. 

She is motivating, inspiring and I know we can learn so much from what this amazing course has to offer.

The Angeliq Brides team wants to gain strong business skills as well as learn how to position and market ourselves. We are an organic hair & makeup business and are really looking to make our mark on the industry for the service we offer.

Kim has so much to teach and I know from past experience she is very generous in sharing all her industry knowledge, so we are keen to get stared !

We are so excited to network with other like-minded business owners and have the opportunity to share our goals, gain ideas and learn from everyone involved.

We can’t wait for February 2014 !”

— Andrea McInnes | Owner Angeliq Brides

“For The First Time In 10 years, I Have A Waiting List Of Brides”beckoning-designs

“Hey Kim,  wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that after sitting on the fence for soooo long uummming and ahhhing about doing your Get More Brides Program

I am SOOO glad that I did !

I never knew if I “really” needed it, but now I see that I “really” did.

From January 2013 – 31st June ( 6 months ) I had only sold 16 of my guestbooks. BUT Since doing the course from the 1st July – 20th November, I’ve just taken my 70th Book order !

No wonder I am exhausted !

For the first time EVER in my business ( and this is huge for me ) I have been able to stand by my products and what I have to offer 100%. It feels AMAZING.

My mindset has changed and I know I am becoming more of the confident women in business I know I am.

So, right now I am doing air punches and have a HUGE smile as I know this is a huge accomplishment for me. Cloud 9 is not high enough for how I feel right now.

Kim, you are the first person I have ever come across who actually cares about me and my business success. I have searched for such a long time for someone to just tell me what I needed to know and hear.

I love your style, your brutal honesty and your no bullshit, tell it like it is approach.

I have not only massively increased my sales, but I have also been published in polkadot bride, published my first ebook and also streamlined my enquiry process.

For the first time ever  ( 10 years ) I have had to put a waiting list on my facebook and website because I just can’t handle any more orders right now.

At first I thought the training was a HUGE investment for me, now I see it way too cheap !

Thank you so much”

— Beck | Beckoning Designs

“I Drive 5 Hours To Come Because It’s So Worth It!”

Melissa Bowman Weddings & Events“I have to thank you for the Get More Brides Program, for giving me the motivation to get my business going.

Starting a new business on your own is quite daunting, and I was so excited to see the GMB course available…

I booked myself in straight away! I didn’t care that it is a 5 hour drive for me to get there for each session — it has all been so worth it! You have completely inspired me and helped me see the bigger picture.

I love how you hold our hand the whole way through the course. You give you so much motivation. Having had no experience with marketing and having spent a lot of money on wasted advertising when setting up my business, I needed to hear how to do it all properly.

I feel so confident now that I can achieve a successful business — and it is all thanks to you.

It is the best business decision I have made yet, and I know I will never look back!

Thank you so much for what you have given me already. I know there is much more to come.”

— Melissa Bowman | Melissa Bowman Weddings & Events

“I Booked $26,000 Worth Of Weddings In One Month!”

Sherringham Photography“I wanted to share my WIN with you since finishing the course.

I have just added up my bookings, and this month I have booked over $26,000 worth of weddings, with more enquires constantly flowing in!

I have not made this much money in an entire year in the history of my business…( 7 years ) Yet alone in only weeks! I can’t believe how business has turned around.

I was so down in the dumps last year about how I was ever going to do this… and now it has turned out even better than I could have ever imagined.

Get More Brides is the best thing I could have ever done for myself. If it wasn’t for you, I would have given up and would be back working a crappy $20 per hour job and hating it.

Thank you so much for all of your support, I would have never have done this without you. I can’t wait to start more coaching with you.”

— Amanda Sherringham | Sherringham Photography

“Your Teachings Are Invaluable & Are Exactly What The Industry Needs”

Your Hunter Valley Wedding Planner“Dear Kim,

I wanted to congratulate you on the success of ‘Get More Brides Business School.’

Working closely with wedding businesses of all sizes on a daily basis I can really see the need in the wedding industry for exactly this type of thing.

I have witnessed the growth and success of your own wedding business over the past years, and believe your teachings are invaluable to other wedding business owners seeking similar success.

I think Get More Brides works so well for so many businesses, because you take things right back to the basics and offer practical step by step advice with real life examples and follow up assistance, which makes sense!

Plus, being tailored specifically for the wedding industry ensures the focus is spot on.

I would recommend any business struggling to book enough weddings or wanting to take their business to the next level, to join Get More Brides and work with you to grow their business, as so many others are.

Keep up the great work!”

— Suellyn Connolly | Your Hunter Valley Wedding Planner

“It Was A Quick Decision To Join The Program!”

Papertales“We were wondering if we should narrow down our stationery business and enter solely into the bridal market where there is already a lot of offer, when we met you.

We were intrigued about your program ‘Get More Brides’ and made a very quick decision to join the program.

Hesitantly we started, wondering if we had just jumped in without thinking and if it was exactly what we needed. What a relief to walk away after our first day so motivated and excited about having a defined and clear direction to take Papertales!

We now understand our brides’ desires and most of all are believing that we can turn our small business into something we’ve only dreamed about!

Our weekly coaching calls have kept us on track and definitely made us move ahead a lot faster to get our business up and ready to attract our ideal brides.

The motivation and accountability is great and the fact that the course is aimed directly at OUR target audience not generalised like so many small business courses.

We’ve loved catching up with the other members in our course who are in the BRIDAL industry and exchanging ideas, challenges and successes totally relevant to our business.

Although we’re only half way through the course, we can’t wait to find out what other successful tips, tricks and advice you have to offer us!”

— Mandy & Ange | Papertales

“Marketing To Brides Is Key”

Port Stephens Wedding Directory“Port Stephens Wedding Directory is proud to promote “Get More Brides” to our members.

Helping our members find new ways to attract brides is at the top of our priority and Get More Brides can help business owners reignite their passions for their business and give them the confidence they need to excel with their bridal specialty.

Marketing to brides is key when it comes to owning a successful business. Let Kim from Get More Brides take you on a journey you will never look back from!”

— Port Stephens Wedding Directory

“I just didn’t want you to stop talking!”

Poppies of The Bay“I am joining your Get More Brides to gain the confidence I need to have a highly successful business. I feel I am not an overly confident person, and wouldn’t really class myself as a “Real Business Woman,” right now and I really want this to change.

I’m in a bit of a rut and I know it will be a great investment to do the Get More Brides course. The idea of moving through the course with other people in the wedding industry means there is so much more to gain.

Even when I was just speaking with you in my shop, you gave me so much motivation and excitement AND instilled the confidence in me. I didn’t want you to stop talking!

I have also spoken to Jade McIntosh, who as you know is already in your course, and she assures me it is well worth the money, and without a doubt I will get a return on my investment.

I know I’ve got what it takes to make this work for me!” I can’t wait to start !

— Julie Elias | Poppies of the Bay

“You Exceeded My Expectations!”

Swansea RSL Club“Your workshop has definitely EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS!

I found the course REALLY HELPFUL especially in regards to the information provided about advertising, wording, and inclusions of what we offer in our packages.

I discovered that less is more! Since attending the full day workshop, I have amended our advertising and package presentations I have seen a HUGE increase in the amount of enquires I have been able to CONVERT into bookings.

I would recommend WEA to anyone looking to INCREASE their wedding business, and who are looking for NEW IDEAS and DIRECTION for their marketing.

Thank you so much!”

— Danielle Warren | Swansea RSL Club

“I Have A Renewed Passion For My Business”

“I attended your workshop because I knew I needed to do something. I didn’t know what I needed to do, but I had to try something different.

Going into the event, I wasn’t sure what I would get out f it, OR even wanted to get out of it. I just knew I had to be there. What attracted to this workshop was that it is industry specific.

I’ve seen so many courses that don’t understand or relate to the wedding industry, so I have always passed them up. I LOVED it! I walked away from your workshop with a plan, and a whole new mindset around what I can achieve in my business. I can see the simple steps I need to take in order for my business to succeed and I can look into the future and see what I want is possible for me.

Just from the advice on the night, I have already started taking action including setting my most ambitious goals and am on tack to achieving them. I booked your two day Get More Brides Program and I can’t wait to put my whole plan into action.

The workshop was a great introductory experience that gave me the confidence to invest in myself and in the next phase of my business. Your passion, enthusiasm as well as your ability to connect like-minded people in the industry, has given me a renewed passion for my business.

I can’t wait to continue working with you.”

— Claire Enders | Bride To Be

“We’ve Seen A 380% INCREASE In Our Bookings!”

XYDJ“My original motivation to attend your live event “Get More Brides,” was because I knew that there would be other ambitious, like minded business owners there and that it would present a GREAT NETWORKING opportunity.

I am REALLY GLAD I attended the one day event.

I left with a MUCH better understanding my GOALS for XYDJ, and valuable ideas on HOW I can achieve them. In just 12 months from attending “Get More Brides” we’ve seen a 380% INCREASE in our bookings!

As a result, we’ve added NEW STAFF, STREAMLINED our workflow and IMPROVED our service.

Throughout this time we have also maintained our excellent reputation, and continue to have clients, wedding vendors recommending our services to their engaged couples.

Looking ahead, we are EXCITED at the prospect of training more DJ’s to meet our high standards, and are doing so in NEW MARKETS beyond our local area. Thanks so much!”

— Simon Black | XYDJ

“I have been able to decrease my work hours, increase the profit and increase my wages”

Jade McIntosh Flowers“Dear Kim,

I wanted to let you know since completing the workshop and the Get More Brides Business School, I am more confident & clear in the way I run my business.

Brides trust us, and make the decision to book us so much quicker. PLUS we’re also able to now recognize brides not perfectly aligned with our business.

I can now refer them onto another business more suited to their style & wedding needs, rather than us spending the hours quoting & emailing etc only to have them book elsewhere anyway.

I am now less stressed, my team is more confident in their abilities, AND we are way more organized. The new systems I have introduces are flowing! I love my staff & each bring a special skill to the business to contribute to higher productivity.

My reason for doing the Get More Brides course was because the results I experienced from your workshop previously were AMAZING. I had some goals and was a little stuck on how to achieve them, and most of all I LOVE the motivation.

I have been able to decrease my work hours, increase the profit and increase my wages. As well as reach my goals! In the past I had limited beliefs that slowing down my expectation and drive to achieve what I wanted.

I am so grateful that you have taught me to celebrate and recognize the step by step achievements & create more positive energy by overcoming any limiting beliefs.

We’ve also established relationships with complimentary businesses, received recognition for our creativity in some well known magazines & websites which have strengthened our reputation & confidence in what we do.

You have encouraged me to ‘put myself & the business out there’ & we’re reaping the rewards! I urge anyone in the wedding biz considering your programs to do it!”

— Jade McIntosh | Jade McIntosh Flowers

“We Are Just LOVING Get More Brides!”

Hunter Valley Wedding Entertainment“We are just LOVING the Get More Brides Course !

It is something you know deep down you need to do, but until you take that step you really don’t realise just how much you can learn from someone who has been there before you.

Michael had been playing for weddings for over 12 years. Since joining GMB 1 day Seminar last year Michael has now started “Hunter Valley Wedding Entertainment (HVWE)” and is booking other artists as well as Acoostic Moose.

In recent months I have joined him, in the hope that together we can make HVWE more than just a business that ticks over each year. So, when the GMB Mastermind was advertised 1 month after I left my full time job to work with Michael, we knew it really was the next step on our quest to having a successful wedding business.

We are now 6 weeks into our mastermind and have so much more direction and are filled with ideas. The best part is that they just keep coming each week thanks to you!

Your ability to motivate us, eliminate the negative thoughts and focus on the positive has really been our life saver so far. THANKS HEAPS!”

— Michael & Lucinda | Hunter Valley Wedding Entertainment & Acoustic Moose

“This Course Is My Golden Ticket To Achieving My Goals!”

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

Your Ultimate Bridal Marketing Workshop was so inspirational and empowering!

I walked away with everything I wanted out of it, and more. I even signed up that night, on the spot to attend your 2 day Get More Brides Program as I knew that if I wanted to grow my wedding business and reach my business goals, that I had to join.

I am a new wedding business owner and I love my business. I want to see my business grow and be successful. The problem is… I had no idea where to start, or how I was going to do it.

While I was sitting in your workshop going through the 7 steps to creating your dream wedding business, I knew I had found all the answers I was looking for. Since then, I have already had an increase in enquiries and sales!

I cant wait to attend your program this year. It is my golden ticket to achieving my goals.

I would urge any other wedding business owners who want to increase their profit, build their brand, be successful this year to attend your workshop AND book the 2 day Get More Brides Program without hesitating.”

— Krystal Gladys | White Love Wedding Planning

“I Feel Empowered & Have A Clear Direction”

“I wanted to touch base and THANK YOU for your Ultimate Bridal Marketing Workshop the other night. By coming along to the event, I walked away feeling so empowered with a clear direction of where I want to take my wedding business.

Listening to you speak about your own struggles in starting your own business was invaluable. When starting out in a new business you do tend to feel isolated, so the seminar was so great for me to make new connections and share experiences with likeminded people in the industry.

Your content was so easy to follow and with your relaxed manner, the time just flew! I have loads and loads of notes that I made on the night and I have also listened to your CD we got on the night. I even made my hubby listen to it!

It has made me feel so motivated and excited about how I can grow my business this year, with the right knowledge and support.

Thank you again Kim, for your advice and encouragement.”

— Deb Douglas | Unique Vintage Events

“All I Can Say Is WOW!”

Firefly Images“Dear Kim,

I made the decision to come along to your Ultimate Bridal Marketing workshop based on seeing a personal friends amazing transformation in her own business after working with you.

All I can say is WOW! It was so incredible. I walked away feeling inspired, empowered, motivated and positive about my business and what it could become.

You are absolutely bursting with the expert information, that was exactly what I needed to hear.

I sat listening to you speak and with each ‘jewel’ of information I could feel my excitement growing. Everything you said, made so much sense to me and yet they were simple things that I realised I wasn’t doing!!

I wrote down so many changes that I could make immediately to begin setting myself apart from the competition and making it easier for brides to say YES to me.

Kim, you gave me so much insight encouragement, expert marketing advice, and guidance on the night, but most importantly you challenged me to think like a “real” business owner, and not just a wedding photographer.

Like you, I am a mother with young children, and you have made me realise I can create a successful business, and I will have the freedom, to spend time with my family.

I just can’t wait to start your Get More Brides Business School training this year and learn so much more from you.

Thank you so much Kim!!”

— Kylie Fergusson | Firefly Images

“We have more than DOUBLED our Booking Goals”

A Beautiful Occasion“Dear Kim,

We had heard through Julie from Poppies that you were running a business course that would help us Get More Brides… And that’s what we needed!

We were a brand new business, only 4 months young. Although we are not brand new to the wedding industry, it had been a while since we worked in it, and we had noticed how much things have changed!

We had all the gorgeous ideas and complete packages to make the bride and groom’s day… A Beautiful Occasion BUT we didn’t know how to covert these great ideas into bookings.

This is where the email from you changed our lives. Even after walking out of our very first session, AMAZING things started to happen. Our mindset shifted and now the bigger picture is really clear for us.

We have more than doubled the amount of brides we wanted to book in our first year of business, and we have secured contracts as the preferred stylists for two major venues.

And we have made connections with other wedding businesses, through GMB that will last a lifetime Amy and I have got so many big plans for our business and with coaching from you, mixed with your ‘can do’ attitude, we know we will get there.

Thank you for all your knowledge, and working with us to make our business amazing, it’s much appreciated. We can’t wait to learn more!”

— Sara | A Beautiful Occasion

“I Knew I Had Made The Right Decision”

Boutique Images Photography“I decided to attend Your Ultimate Bridal Marketing Workshop as I felt I had put so much hard work as a “photographer” into my business over the last 12 months but… I still wasn’t getting the amount of bookings, that I needed to sustain my business.

As soon as I got there, I knew I’d made the right decision! It was so comforting to know that I am not alone in feeling overwhelmed or lost, trying to start out in the wedding industry. Within 10 minutes myself and all the other attendee’s were chatting away and comparing stories and I felt so comfortable.

I love that you covered was basic, but not obvious aspects of running a wedding business. (Especially for a non “business” person like me.)

I left the night feeling energised, positive and ready to take on the world. I even signed up on the spot for your 2 days intensive Get More Brides Program and am so happy I did.

The biggest thing you opened my eyes to, was that just because I am so passionate about photography and having my own business, doesn’t mean that I already have all of the “business and marketing & sales skills” I need to make my business successful.

Now, that may sound obvious, but to me it wasn’t! I can’t wait to take off my photographers hat, and put on my entrepreneurs hat instead! Thank you so much!”

— Danielle Watkins | Boutique Images Photography

“A MUST Do For Any Business In The Wedding Industry”

Say Dream“Thanks so much for the SUPER INFORMATIVE event last night. We walked away with lots of IDEAS, RE-ENERGIZED, and ready to take on the world of weddings!

We are very EXCITED about the up coming event and workshops. What a FANTASTIC initiative! A MUST DO for any small business in the bridal industry.”

— Carina Brezeanu | Say Dream

“I Could Not Sleep, I Was So Excited “

There are just way to many points to say just one great thing about your online Get More Brides Business School.

It’s so well planned out, as I am up to module 3 and I don’t even have any questions to ask !Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 10.03.30 am

I am LOVING all the exercises, writing my plans and ideas down. You’re challenging me to really think about my ideas, and then put these into action which is great.

The course has got me super motivated and attacking my business head on.

I have been in wedding industry for years, working in many different areas but it has taken your course to really propel me to the next level.

About 3 modules into the training, I decided to take my business concept and turn it into a whole new business called iDo Popups – Intimate & Elegant Weddings.

Over a period of only 1 week was inspired to come up with my business name, build my website, design my logo, business cards, DL flyer, letterhead, wedding expo banner plus heaps more, all based on your advice and “how to instructions”.

I literally could not sleep, I was so excited to pull it altogether !

I am consistently working on iDo Popups around my design work and shooting weddings, and I am motivated beyond belief.

I have got my entire new business started during the course !

I am doing a BIG happy dance ! I’m so excited right now.

Thanks again for inspiring me to change my mind, get focused, turn everything upside down and make me think bigger than I have ever thought before !

Sarah Van Der Linden

iDo Popups


“This Course Is Worth 10 Times The Investment “

I have just completed the Get More Brides Online Course, and I couldn’t be more excited!

When I signed up to your course, my business was just a dream and I wasn’t even sure if I should take the leap as I didn’t feel “ready “.

I’ve known for years I wanted to have my own business, but lacked the confidence, the plan and the mindset.Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 11.25.49 am

I couldn’t have been more wrong. Your course is nothing short of amazing and is worth 10 times the investment !

The detail in the workbook is incredible and has kept me on track the whole time.

Not only as it given me a complete plan, and strategy of how to build and grow my wedding business, it has motivated and excited me in ways I didn’t expect.

I thought my head was going to explode with fresh, new ideas !

I literally couldn’t sleep some nights because my mind was racing with possibilities.

I am confident to say that without this course, I would have spent years struggling with HOW to get started and pull all my ideas together.

Everything you teach is crystal clear, easy to implement AND makes so much sense to me.

Taking the course is the best decision I could have ever made for myself & my business.

Thank you so much !

You truly have inspired me to believe I can achieve anything I desire.


The Postmans Daughter


“I Got A Lot Of VALUE”

Your Special Day“As a wedding planner, I am really looking to INCREASE what we have available for your brides and my NUMBER OF BRIDES and weddings.

I got a lot of VALUE out of getting to know more about SOCIAL NETWORKING and KNOWING MORE about my brand and how I can EXPAND my brand.

I am looking forward to putting it all to the test!”

— Natasha | Your Special Day

“We Just KNEW It Would Be A Great Investment”

“We’ heard about your program from two other wedding businesses we know. Jade Mcintosh Flowers & Papertales and after seeing their businesses thrive, we decided to jump right in !

We believe we have a wonderful product, we LOVE what we do but we needed help spreading the word and to learn HOW to market to brides.

After chatting with you about the program you inspired us with your enthusiasm for our products and your knowledge for the wedding industry.

We just knew it would be a smart decision and investment.

I have attended numerous professional seminars and workshops over the past 30 years, and I’m usually happy if I come away with only one or two ideas.

I came away form your Get More Brides Training with 8 PAGES of great ideas I can’t wait to implement.

Attending Get More Brides was a great Investment.

— Sharon |& Ray Wedding Honey

“This is a Sold Investment In the Future Of My Business”

savoir-faire-weddings“I just wanted to say a very big thank you to you for mentoring me and for sharing such wonderful and helpful information and tools.

It really is invaluable, and has given me a more focused approach to the set up of my business!

It can sometimes be overwhelming, and your Get More Brides Program has allowed me to break the entire process into more manageable blocks!

So thank you for all you have done!

This is the best thing I have ever done for my business and I consider it to be a solid investment in the future of my business!”

— Alda | Savior Faire Weddings & Events