Revamp Your Wedding Biz

How To Revamp Your Wedding Business & Explode Your Sales

Is the brand of your wedding business getting you the bookings you really want?

Are your dream brides instantly attracted to your business?4-512

And do you have a process to woooo them, and have them fall madly in love with you?

If you are feeling like your wedding business needs a bit of a makeover, here’s how to do it.

I’d love to share Ashley’s story from AE- Designs USA

Ashley has not long finished taking the Get More Brides Program, and now her business is beginning to boom !

I wanted to share her story with you because Ashley is great example of going the extra mile to succeed.  Her wedding business is specialising in beautiful invitations and when she first came to the training, she felt like she has been treading water in her business, but she knew she was ready to be wildly successful.

Here’s what happened next, Ashley completed the Get More Brides Program and began implementing.

The main areas of focus for her was her branding, connecting with brides, creating a process and increasing her bookings at higher rates. – Amazing right?

Here’s the 4 main points she covered in revamping her business.

1. Branding – Your brand is not just your logo. It’s who you are and what you have to offer. It’s what you stand for.

So many wedding business owners have no real connection to their brand, and it’s hurting their bank account. What do you want your brand to feel like when brides find you, and will they instantly “know” that you are the perfect fit for them?

Understanding exactly who the brides are that you want to work with will help you to create your branding and marketing as well as write the copy on your website.

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2. Connecting with Brides – A huge mistake many wedding business owners make is simply relying on one visit of a bride to their website. In most cases, this just isn’t going to happen. Brides are looking for a business they can trust.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 1.44.49 pmWhen your website isn’t set up to capture the brides details, you risk losing her forever.

Plus you haven’t given her a solid reason for wanting to choose you, so she’s probably checking out your competitors.

Instead placing an optin box to capture a brides name and email so that you can send her helpful tips and tricks about your service, will be sure to win her over.

3. Process – And this leads me to processes and systems. Once you can develop some simple and easy systems in your business you can free up your time. MASSIVELY :)

Putting systems in place means you are not having to repeat the same old tasks or answer the same old questions over and over again and you can spend more time marketing your business instead of  in constant action of minor tasks.

The main system to create is your system for attracting and converting brides, and then a system around your “booked brides” to ensure they are receiving a premium experience from you too.

Often the brides are booked months and months out from their wedding and there is no contact until right before the big day, brides LOVE it when you stay in touch and keep them informed.

4. And the last part is increasing her rates. This can take a lot of work, especially with women in the wedding industry because we have  such a struggle around Mindset and Money.   Check out my new Mindset & Money Program starting soon !

Charging What You’re Worth first takes you believing in your service and the value you have to offer brides. Only then can you truly stand in your power and confidently state your fees as well as create irresistible packages and offers for your brides.

One of the best things you can do for yourself and how you feel about your business is to invest in a professional photo shoot. This may be expensive up front but trust me, you can use these images for years and years to come.

explode your wedding business

I hope you found this helpful, and if you’d like to chat with me about exploding your sales then book your complementary discovery call HERE

The next Get More Brides program is starting not he 4th July 2106 – Hang tight and email me at to get on the wait list.

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 The Leads I Have Received Are Borderline Insane !

I really can’t put into words what you have done for me.

I have had so many ideas for my brand and my business that it had become overwhelming.

You were able to clarify all of this and my only regret is that I didn’t do it all sooner !

I now feel such a sense of relief because it’s all no longer a guessing game for me. I now have a plan that I am working towards and it feels really empowering to not feel like I’m taking shots in the dark.

I have a new logo, a complete sales funnel process, a free gift to give my brides, and I am 100% embodying my new brand.

It feels amazing. 
I have a comprehensive plan of attack. No more throwing away money not having the proper channels in place.
Things are so amazing now !

I did a recent bridal show and the amount of new leads I have received is borderline INSANE.
I nearly can’t keep track of them, I’ve started offering Skype consultations and I have new quote requests up to wazooo !

I also set a goal to book one wedding a week at my new higher rates and I have just shattered it – I booked 7 new weddings at my higher rate so far.
I see the big picture and I am so proud of how far I have come. The investments that I was hesitant to make, are certainly paying off !
Thank you again from the bottom of my heart
Ashley Agresta

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